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Retail Financial Centers for General Electric Credit Union Cincinnati, Ohio

General Electric Credit Union was chartered in 1954 for employees of General Electric Aircraft Engines, and has grown to one of the largest credit unions in Ohio, now serving nearly 200,000 members.

The new financial center concept is for a ground-up 4000 SF building with an interior courtyard that separates back of house activities from the main member center. The courtyard also supports a broad of range of events with an adjacent large meeting room that can be opened up to the courtyard. The building is clad in __ bricks offering a subtle purplish tone across the whole form. The brick runs around the whole rectangle and across the courtyard that fronts the entry facade. The brick spacing is adjusted as it spans across the courtyard becoming porous and allowing light and breeze to penetrate while offering a secure and contained space. A small garden with trees occupies half of the courtyard space providing an organic backdrop to the staff and member lounges on opposite sides of the open space.

Start date:
Gross floor area:
4000 sf/ 370 sm
General Electric Credit Union, Ohio
Financial Services
Project team:
Experience design:
Design Made
Brand consultant:
Design Made

The entry facade has a large angle cut with a deep recess revealing a large expanse of glazing along the front of the member space within. The glazing and angle continue around the corner where it has more severe return and a pocket window into the space. Advisory offices line the back part of the center and are behind moving litebox panels that both offer privacy and a branded backdrop for the teller engagement doughnut in the center of the space. 

The concept design was also adopted to smaller branch sizes including a 2000 SF, 1600 SF, and 1000 SF formats.

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